My goal is to help you reach your maximum potential by making better choices in nourishing your body so you can heal and repair yourself and get your life back.
"The Doctors of the future will give no medicine.
But will interest patients in the care of  the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of diseases."
Thomas A. Edison
Have more energy?
Focus Better?
Enjoy life more?
Sleep Better?
Learn a healthier way of life?
Understand your body?
Safely have hot flashes disappear?
Lesson anxiety and depression?
Lesson the need of prescription medications?
Address unsolved health issues?
THE FIRST STEP toward attaining your maximum health is to find out what is triggering many of your issues.
I will examine all the avenues to discover and help educate you on how to become the driver of your own health.
I offer a medical consultation geared towards radically improving your well being by addressing and answering specific concerns you have regarding your over all health.

This includes an extensive review of the following:
Diet Consultation
Bio-Identical hormone therapy
Adrenal dysfunction
Sleep disturbances
Food Sensitivities
Chronic Lethargy & fatigue
Thyroid Issues
High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Auto-immune diseases
Anxiety and Depression
Wendy Spanos, MD
Health Matters Clinic