“I’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of Multiple Sclerosis for 12 years, but in July,2011, my symptoms intensified. Though I was taking five different prescription medicines, just to treat the symptoms, my pain was almost unbearable….My first visit was in September, 2011, and when test results were in, Dr. Spanos began to guide me on my journey of healing. I completely eliminated the foods that I was intolerant to from my diet, began taking the recommended supplements, and since day one, have followed her eating plan closely. Almost two years later, the results are astounding! I have lost 66 pounds and I no longer take any prescription meds to treat the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. I am virtually pain free and feel better than I have in years.”

-Gina. Colt, Arkansas


       I first went to Dr. Spanos for a health issue. My prior physician had told me I would be in chronic pain for the rest of my life and gave me a prescription to go with the diagnosis. Dr. Spanos took the full spectrum of my total health and painted the picture of how my issues were linked together.  She taught me how to choose food, and what foods  to avoid.  The extensive lab work gave exact proof of food sensitivities and supplements needed.” There are no quick fixes here.  This path is only for serious people committed to making good choices over the long haul. By the way, a by-product of these changes is that I lost 35 pounds in addition to the chronic pain. 

-Marsha, Jonesboro, Arkansas